800 trucks are stuck on the Polish border due to a protest

Within 24 hours, the queue of trucks waiting to leave Poland for Belarus through the border crossing in Koroszczyn increased from approx. 450 to 800 trucks. Before the transition, a protest is underway against the transport of goods from the European Union to Russia and Belarus.

The spokesman for the Tax Administration Chamber in Lublin, Michał Deruś, informed PAP on Monday that during the last 12-hour shift from Poland to Belarus, officers cleared 160 trucks, there are around 800 waiting to cross the border, and the waiting time is around 27 hours.

“At the entry from Belarus to Poland, 178 vehicles were cleared, according to the data from the Belarusian side, about 650 trucks are waiting on the Belarusian side, and the waiting time is about 40 hours” – said Deruś.

From 450 to 800 trucks

From Sunday, the queue of trucks waiting to leave Poland for Belarus increased from approx. 450 to 800 vehicles, and the waiting time from approx. 15 to 27 hours. When entering Poland from Belarus, the queue increased from approx. 150 to 650, and the waiting time from approx. 10 to 40 hours.

GDDKiA announced on Monday that before entering the border crossing area on the national road No. 68, there would be a protest against the transport of goods to Russia and Belarus.

Commissioner Barbara Salczyńska-Pyrchla from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Biała Podlaska informed that the protesters spent the whole night in front of the border crossing.

“The protest takes place off the road. The queue of trucks measures approx. 16 km. Traffic is on, cars are passing,” said the policewoman. She added that the policemen take care of the safety of road users and the safety of the road.

Border crossing closed

Due to the migration crisis, on November 9 last year the border crossing in Kuźnica in Podlasie was closed until further notice. Truck drivers are directed to the goods border crossings in Koroszczyn or in Bobrowniki in Podlasie.

In turn, the traffic of passenger vehicles and coaches on the Polish-Belarusian border in the province Lublin is through the road border crossing in Terespol. Many Ukrainians were, by the way, before the war driving for Polish companies.

Source: PAP

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