Are last minute holiday offers still profitable? Polish tourism expert explains when to go on vacation

We will pay several hundred zlotys more for holidays abroad this year. “Prices are going up, so last minute is no longer profitable,” explained the tourism expert. However, he stressed that there were chances of finding cheaper offers.

Tourism expert Jarosław Kałucki explained in an interview with Polsat News why last minute trips are no longer profitable. According to Kałucki, the prices of trips to Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Spain and Bulgaria increased from over 800 to 1.200 Zlotys.

Expert: last minute is no longer profitable

The expert said that after the coronavirus pandemic, travel agencies “try to work efficiently and not to do business for the sake of trading”. “Prices are going up, so last minute is no longer profitable,” he said. Jarosław Kałucki said that in the second half of August, vacationers would manage to find cheaper offers – even PLN 500, compared to the prices at the beginning of the month. The fact that holidays abroad have become much more expensive is influenced, among others, by an increase in the price of piles and a decrease in the value of the zloty.

According to the expert, in order to save on vacation, it is worth looking for first minute offers. – At this point, booking a vacation is always an investment. (In the first minute offer) we have a wider selection, many free attractions, often a guarantee of a fixed price – explained the expert.

Will not give up their holidays, but it will be shorter

As Karol Wiak from informed us before, Poles do not give up their holidays, but they will spend them differently. He admitted that the interest is 40 percent smaller than last year. 

– The number of searches for accommodation for July dates is now one third lower than at the same time last year, and for August by more than a half – Wiak said. 

The expert explained that Poles are planning a shorter vacation this year. – According to our data, every fourth Polish tourist plans to go for a week on this vacation, and only 3 percent for two weeks – he said.

Source: Gazeta


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