How to register a company in Poland is going to change

The way you are registering a company in Poland is about to change. There will be No more paper applications for entry to CEIDG moreover the results from the draft of new regulations, is included in the list of legislative works of the government.

The Council of Ministers begins work on the amendment to the Act on the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity and the Information Point for Entrepreneurs. The new regulations are to transfer the entire registration of applications to the Internet.

As you can read in the justification, the planned changes are the implementation of entrepreneurs’ postulates that were collected during the period of validity of the current Act on CEIDG and PIP. Entrepreneurs paid attention to the importance of being able to settle matters and find information related to running a business in one place – within one account.

New company registration rules in Poland

The new regulations include, among others, a number of solutions related to civil partnerships. Above all, they are intended to reduce registration formalities and administrative burdens. The authors of the draft also want information on civil law partnerships to be more accessible.

The most important element of the changes is to completely replace paper applications for company registration in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity with the ICT system. The new rules will apply not only to registration, the system is to enable, inter alia, online transfer of relevant powers of attorney.

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