Soon a ICT system for firms who want to employ refugees from Ukraine

An ICT system in Poland is to be created that will facilitate establishing contacts between employers and refugees from Ukraine looking for work. ICT is a short term for information and communications technology 

Refugees from Ukraine who came to Poland due to an armed conflict are looking for a job that matches their qualifications. At present, however, there is no information collection on the professional qualifications of Ukrainian citizens that could be used by employers to find employees with the desired profile.

Easier to employ refugees from Ukraine

The ICT system that the government is working on is to make it easier for them.

The new regulations will enable the use of the ICT system using online services available through the website or in the mObywat application.

Job offers processed in the ICT system will be able to be introduced, updated and removed from this system by employers, service providers related to the provision of job offers and service providers providing intermediation services between employers and jobseekers.

Thanks to the solution, the job seeker will be able to map his competences and needs and obtain feedback on job offers and contact details to potential employers.

The most important solutions

An ICT system will be created to facilitate contacts between employers and Ukrainian citizens seeking work.

The system will enable:

  • entering, collecting and deleting information with job offers that can be used by citizens of Ukraine;
  • entering, collecting and deleting information describing the knowledge and professional experience of Ukrainian citizens;
  • analysing the entered information in order to prepare recommendations regarding available job offers, in accordance with the data disclosed by the citizens of Ukraine.

Let me remind you that thanks to changes in the law in Poland, any citizen of Ukraine who resides legally in Poland and has a valid residence permit or who came to our country on February 24, 2022 at the earliest, from Ukraine, can be employed and declares his intention to stay.

In accordance with the law on assistance to Ukrainian citizens in connection with an armed conflict in the territory of that country, the term: citizen of Ukraine is also understood as a spouse who does not have Ukrainian citizenship, provided that he came to Poland in connection with hostilities.

In order to legally employ a citizen of Ukraine or his spouse, it is enough to inform the employment office competent for the seat or place of residence of the employer within 14 days from the date of commencement of work. It has to be done electronically on the portal. Submitting an application to a selected office requires that it be signed with a qualified electronic signature or a signature confirmed by an ePUAP trusted profile.

Importantly, notification can also be made when you start working. This is a novelty in Polish regulations. The earlier procedures assumed obtaining legalisation documents before employment, which extended the entire process.

An employer who intends to employ a citizen of Ukraine to work in Poland, but does not have any candidate, may submit his job offer to the poviat labour office. In the comments in the application form, it is enough to add: “offer for a citizen of Ukraine”.

Thanks to this, the employment office is to direct the offer to this group of jobseekers in the first place.

Source: Rzeczpospolita


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