The RCB alert

Subsequent provinces will be covered by the new DVB-T2/HEVC broadcasting standard from Monday the 4 of July. RCB has sent alerts to affected residents. If there are problems with DVB-T2 reception, you may need to purchase a TV or set-top box. In this situation, it is worth using vouchers for the purchase of new equipment.

RCB alerts regarding the change

The last stage of DVB-T2 / HEVC implementation has started. The change included people living in the Lubelskie, Mazowieckie, Podlaskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodships. This means that the whole of Poland has already been covered by the new standard of terrestrial television broadcasting. The inhabitants of the above-mentioned provinces had previously received RCB alerts, which “warned” them about the upcoming change.

DVB-T2 / HEVC. When is the TV set to be replaced?

Is it necessary to purchase new equipment in connection with the entry into force of the new DVB-T2 / HEVC broadcasting standard? Digital Poland experts reassure you that not every receiver needs to be replaced immediately. TV viewers who have purchased TV sets manufactured after 2019 do not need to replace them.

However, people with older receivers (even modern, flat-screen ones) should check whether their equipment is adapted to the reception of the new standard. How to do it? It is enough to visit the website , where through a special search engine you can find out whether our TV receiver model is adapted to the reception of the new broadcasting standard.

“If the TV set cannot receive DVB-T2/HEVC signal, its owner should buy a new model or a special set-top box” – said Michał Kanownik, president of the Digital Poland Association. “This is the right time to think about replacing old TV sets with new ones.

For many audiences it can mean a huge qualitative change related to better picture and sound quality, or to an intelligent picture adapting colours to the current room conditions. TV production technology has significantly improved in recent years. changed “- he argued.

The expert emphasised that when deciding to buy a decoder, we must be aware that it will not allow us to fully use the benefits of changing the broadcasting signal. “Such a device will enable us to receive a digital signal, but, for example, it will not improve the image or sound quality” – he notes.

 Where to submit the application?

If the purchase of a new TV set for DVB-T2 reception turns out to be a last resort, it is worth remembering about the possibility of using vouchers: PLN 100 for a set-top box and PLN 250 for a TV set. Online applications for government funding can be submitted here: .

The Digital Poland Association reminds you that you can apply for funding until the end of 2022. “With the expansion of DVB-T2 / HEVC coverage, the number of people interested in new receivers, and at the same time in applying for a government voucher, is growing. 

This is good news, because it means that more and more viewers are aware of the changes. As producers and sellers, we are ready for greater consumer demand. for televisions “- said Michał Kanownik.

Source: Gazeta


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