SIM cards for refugees and free roaming for Ukrainians in Poland

As a result  of Putin’s aggression, refugees from Ukraine reach Poland. While the whole world is imposing severe economic sanctions on Russia, Polish citizens and Polish companies – from  video game developers, IT companies and startups to transport companies to mobile operators etc. are involved in helping people fleeing the war.

Many Ukrainian citizens have already arrived in Poland, who have Polish SIM cards and now need to be in touch with their family.

With them in mind, telecoms lowered the price of calls to Ukraine by 80 percent before the weekend. That is up to 29 groszy per minute.

It is worth telling Ukrainian acquaintances about it, who, due to the overwhelming information, might have missed it and are worried about high bills.

In the case of Orange Polska, the discount applies to all calls made from Orange and nju mobile phones to Ukrainian landline and mobile numbers.

Lower prices for calls to Ukraine can be used both in pre-paid and subscription-based offers. For now, the lower prices are valid until 10 of March, but it is possible that they will remain in force for longer.

Let´s hope so because unfortunately peace seems not to be around the corner.

No roaming charges for Ukrainian networks

Polish telecoms removed roaming charges for Ukrainian networks, thanks to which they could create special packages of free minutes and megabytes of transfer for their customers.

In the case of Orange, the cooperation includes subscribers of Vodafone Ukraine, but talks with other Ukrainian networks are ongoing.

In addition, Polish telecoms are distributing starters with SIM cards to refugees at the border.

Starters from Orange can be picked up at the border crossings with Ukraine on the Polish side in Medyka, Dorohusk, Hrebenna, Dołhobyczów, Zosin, Budomierz and Korczowa.

Each SIM card must be registered, with the help of volunteers and telecom employees. For this purpose, due to the regulations, you need documents such as a passport or a residence card.

The starters that Orange handed out to refugees are not exactly the same starters that we usually buy at a kiosk.

Each of those prepared for Ukrainians includes a month of free calls in Poland (minutes, SMS, MMS), a 100-minute package to Ukraine and 30 GB of transfer.

Orange has already given away 5000 such starter packages and this week another 60000 will reach the border. 

In the case of telephones with ESIM, it does not require a visit to the branch store and the Polish number can be obtained immediately – just download the Orange Flex application via Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot or via a roaming card.

For this you only need to provide the document details that you will find on the registration cards. Phone owners without an ESIM module can order a SIM delivery by courier to the indicated address.

Orange Flex packages start from 25 PLN per month for no-limits in Poland, 15 GB of internet and free transfer via social media services (WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter).

In addition, in the face of the war in Ukraine, a package of 100 minutes for 30 days for calls to Ukraine was added. To activate it, enter the code UKRAINE in the promotional codes field.

Different ways of Orange’s support for Ukraine

The Orange network said it has so far provided shelter and care for over 200 people at its training centre. All Ukrainian citizens are provided with full care, Wi-Fi access, and children have a specially prepared playroom. In addition, it declares support for services and organisations coordinating aid for refugees.

Moreover, Orange Polska in cooperation with T-Mobile has increased the network capacity at the border and promises that it is prepared for various scenarios.

In a press release to the media, they also announces that its network is now operating smoothly, and for the future, the telecom has “proven response mechanisms to ensure business continuity”, and promises customers to use the services without major disruptions.

The operator also cooperates with the Office for Foreigners, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and crisis management departments of voivodes, as well as supports organisations providing psychological help for children and adults and the activities of the Polish Humanitarian Action.

The Orange Foundation is already working with non-governmental organisations and schools to help children from Ukraine.

Source: Spidersweb (photo: twitter @ETNOAssociation)


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