Gasoline prices on Polish gas stations are going up strongly once again

Gasoline prices on Polish gas stations are going up strongly once againThe price of a litre of 95 petrol reached even PLN 7.25 at Warsaw stations on 16 May. On Friday, May 13, it was even 30 groszy less. Interestingly, at the same time, diesel became cheaper, the price of which fell by about 0.10 cents per litre. The average price of gasoline in Poland is PLN 6.87 per litre, and diesel – PLN 7.39.

May will be a month of gasoline prices increases

Experts don’t have good news for drivers. As they say, May will be marked by large increases in fuel prices. This is another month of this type recently. Earlier increases (the first one in December 2021) were halted by anti-inflationary shields introduced by the government. The first one removed the excise tax from fuels, the second one lowered VAT from 23 to 8 percent.

It is this fact that drivers should remember, but also citizens who do not drive a car, because fuel prices will translate into transport costs, and thus into the prices of almost all products and parts of services. If the government decides not to continue the anti-inflation shields, fuel prices will rise dramatically. Although it has already been said that the return to the original VAT levels, as well as the levying of excise duties, will be gradual, but this does not change the fact that prices can then shoot up.

Fuel prices are the main driver of inflation

How fuel prices are rising can be seen in the inflation data presented by the Central Statistical Office. Information for April 2022 stated that transport prices increased by 21.1 percent. It is in this category that the fuel is hidden. Transport is the fastest growing category, apart from housing/flat prices.

Source: Wprost

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