Today is the deadline for PIT settlement - check your PIT declaration

May 2 (today)  is the deadline for submitting the PIT declaration for 2021. For several years, it has been possible to settle accounts with the tax office via the Twój e-PIT service. Taxpayers willingly use this option because, according to the Ministry of Finance, about 5.9 million statements have already been submitted, which is a record.

“Taxpayers submitted approximately 5.9 million declarations using the Twój e-PIT service. This number is already at a record high and will increase for sure by the end of the billing period. 

Use Twój e-PIT service to submit PIT declaration

I recommend our service because it is the fastest and easiest way to settle with the tax office. Declarations can also be submitted via the e-Deklaracje system or in paper form” emphasises Magdalena Rzeczkowska, Minister of Finance. She was appointed as the new Polish Minister of Finance last week.

To use the service, simply log in to the e-Tax Office and select the Your e-PIT service. Then check or change your data and send the declaration. The prepared tax return includes a number of information, such as the taxpayer’s data and his tax micro-account. The settlement also includes the PIT exemption for people up to 26 years of age.

The tax office: check your tax declaration

It is worth recalling that if the taxpayer does not submit his / her own settlement in the Your e-PIT service, then PIT-37 and PIT-38 tax returns will be automatically accepted by the tax office and considered to be submitted on May 2 (the PIT-36 return will not be accepted from the machine). However, representatives of the National Revenue Administration encourage you to check your PIT return to introduce any modifications.

“I encourage you to log in to the e-Tax Office and check your PIT declaration before it is automatically accepted. In this way, you can also take into account the deductions you are entitled to, take advantage of discounts that are not automatically assigned in the system and change or indicate the public benefit organisation to which we want to donate 1 percenttax” emphasises Anna Chałupa, Deputy Head of the National Tax Administration.

The Ministry of Finance points out that people settling PIT in electronic form will receive a refund of overpaid tax faster – up to 45 days. Overpayments up to the amount of PLN 5,000 PLN from the majority of PIT-37 returns submitted by the Your e-PIT service, are returned within 7 days. For overpayments resulting from paper declarations, the refund period is up to three months.

What if the taxpayer does not check his return and has underpayment of tax? Then, he may expect the tax office to notify about the necessity to pay a surcharge. From the moment of receiving this information, the taxpayer has 7 days to pay. After this time, but not earlier than the day after the tax payment deadline, interest will be charged.

Source: Wprost

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