More and more accidents at work in Poland. It was safer in the home office

The number of accidents at work in Poland is growing dangerously and fast. In 2021, there were as many as 69,000 of such incidents in Poland. This means that there were almost 10 percent of them. more than a year earlier!.

Most accidents in these Polish branches

Personnel Service experts indicate that in 2021, miners, employed in the management of sewage and waste, and health care workers were at the greatest risk to their health. The worst situation is in Podlasie, and the safest in Mazovia.

In the early days of the pandemic it was said that one of the dangers of entering a home office quickly is that there are no clear health and safety rules when working from home. It turns out, however, that the safety of such work is greater. 

Rate in 2020 was much lower 

The accident rate in 2020 was much lower than the year before and lower than last year, when we started to return to office normality – notes Krzysztof Inglot from Personnel Service.

The expert emphasises that – due to the fact that we are dealing with a pandemic all the time – there is a high percentage of accidents at work in health care and social assistance.

Research shows that over 60 percent. of all accidents at work is caused by inappropriate behaviour of the employee.

Different development in this area

Earlier this year I wrote that Poland was one of the safest countries when it comes to accidents at work within the EU. But it might look different now with these new numbers. But at the moment there is no new data regarding the accidents at work in the different EU countries.

But most likely it is just a matter of time before new data regarding this area is available and when it is, I will of course inform you about it.

Source: Rzeczpospolita


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