Polish Labour Market Barometer 2022: Poles will go for pay rises

Polish Labour Market Barometer 2022 shows that every third employee plans to ask their current employer for more money, and every fifth will look for a better-paid job.

Although companies, despite the difficult socio-economic environment, are ready to respond to the expectations of employees, the scale of the increases may not satisfy everyone. 

According to the “Polish Labour Market Barometer 2022” prepared by the Personnel Service, half of entrepreneurs have a plan to raise wages, but every fifth of them is preparing pay rises only in connection with raising the minimum wage. In turn, another 17 percent. wants to equalise inflation.

Average salary increased by 11.7 percent

In February, the average salary in Poland increased by 11.7 percent. on an annual basis and amounted to 6,220 PLN gross. – This is much above the forecasts of economists. 

This is in line with the expectations of employees who, while facing, among others, With inflation exceeding 10% in March, rising interest rates or the Polish Government, where every third employee lost out, they want to earn more – points out Krzysztof Inglot from Personnel Service.

Majority positive regarding the job market

45 percent of those employed have a positive opinion of their situation on the job market, 38 percent see it as neutral, and only 14 percent say it is negative. 60 percent of people declare that they will apply for an increase in their salary.

Source: Rzeczpospolita


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