How to set up a bank account in Poland? A guide for Ukrainian citizens

Banks in Poland help Ukrainian citizens and below is a guide on how to set up a bank account in Poland. Most institutions have modified their offer by proposing free personal accounts and a simplified procedure for opening accounts. The fees for transfers to Ukrainian banks have also been abolished. Banks, through their foundations, started collecting money for the victims of aggression.

On Thursday, February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine. The crowds of refugees headed towards the Polish border. In turn, the Poles went to help the victims of the war. Funds, food and necessary materials collections were launched, and accommodation was organised. 

Financial institutions, which abolished fees for transfers to Ukrainian banks, also joined in. Some banks have modified their offer by introducing free accounts and simplified account opening procedures (e.g. for a passport). We have gathered a handful of the most important information below.

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How to set up a bank account in Poland? 

To open an account in Poland, you need to go to a bank branch. The online registration process is not available for Ukrainian citizens. You must bring the required documents to the facility. Details are provided above. With the opening of the account, the customer will get access to electronic banking and a mobile application. 

In several banks, the application supports the Ukrainian language (Pekao, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, Getin Bank, PKO BP). In most banks, Ukrainians should have no problems talking to the helpline – some banks have helplines in Ukrainian, others employ people who speak this language. The numbers of bank helplines are given in the table below:

ZUS also plans to have helplines etc. with staff who speak Ukrainian.

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Source: Bankier

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