Learn for FREE about doing business in Poland and expand your network

Would you like for FREE to learn about doing business in Poland and network with people who have a lot of experience when it comes to run a company in Poland and/or doing business with Polish suppliers and other firms?

Then head over to Facebook and sign up to become a member of Business in Poland Mastermind Group.

It is my group and I have lived and done business in Poland since 2008 and parts of my network in Poland are also members of the group. You can ask questions there about business related topics and there is no such thing as a stupid questions.

Value and knowledge about Business in Poland

It will give you a lot of value and you will save a lot of time and will learn from our experiences and both the good and bad ones.

It is for all people who want to learn more about doing business in Poland or to do business with firms located in Poland.

Another great thing about the Business in Poland Mastermind Group is that people there are involved in different branches so there is a big chance that you can get the help that you need.

Moreover more and more people join the community so the knowledge in the forum is growing rapidly. Plus you will get exclusive content and extra discounts such as early birds offers! So sign up for FREE now.

 Business consultation regarding the Polish market?

You might need some specific business consultation regarding the Polish market? In that case you can use one or more of my business consulting services or IT services. There you can also get a 15 min online strategy consulting meeting, where we can discuss exactly how I can help you and your business regarding the Polish market.



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