Reach thousands of people in Poland and elsewhere with your ads here for a low price!

Thousands of people living in Poland are each month visiting Business news from Poland but also from other countries. Therefore it is the perfect platform for advertising your services, products or also f.eks. If you are searching for new employees in Poland!

Set up the ad very easily and see how it performs

Under the order ads page you can very easily choose your ad but also upload the banner ad and see who it will look like before you order it! If you prefer me to set it up then I of course can do that and for no extra charge!

When you have ordered the ad and it is running you can via your email see how your ad is performing when it comes to views and clicks.

Besides the default ad you can also order a advertorial with links and information about your business and it will be on the frontpage of Business news from Poland and in the top so it will have a great exposure. You can already now see some examples on the frontpage.

It will be on the website forever and it will ONLY be a one time fee for that ad option. A great deal, I know!  

Ads from only 249 PLN incl. VAT!

It is possible to order ads from as low as 249 PLN incl. VAT and there are different types of ads that you can order directly or contact me for further details fx via

You can also read more about the advertising options on Business news from Poland. As you can see under fx. The Order ads page you can either pay per view or per day. What you would like to choose is up to you.

Per default it is either 1000, 1500 or 2000 views or from 8 days, 14 days or 31 days (one month). There are discounts incl. in all the options. It is either a 10 percent or 25 percent discount!

If you need more or less views/days then contact me and we will discuss the details.

Pay securely with Paypal or bank transfer 

 It is very secure to pay for your ad because you will be either using Paypal or you can pay via a bank transfer. The details about my bank account are on the Advertising page.

When an ad is ordered and up and running you will of course get an invoice sent to your email address. 

If you have any pre-sales questions

If you have any pre-sales questions regarding the advertising after reading about it here and on the advertising page then please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information. Fx. via


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