Boeing now officially with a branch in Poland

The Gdańsk-based company Jeppesen has completed the transformation process and renamed Boeing Poland.

The largest manufacturer of passenger planes in the world, as well as a participant in the space flight sector, the American Boeing, has opened a branch in Poland. The Gdańsk-based Jeppesen company, which is a subsidiary of Boeing, completed the transformation process on July 14 and officially became part of the concern. From today, the company is called Boeing Poland.

– We are proud to be part of the One Boeing family. Along with the continuous development of Boeing in Poland, the current name change allows us to show our partners, customers and people who are interested in a career in one of Boeing’s offices. This change is a testimony that we are strengthening our brand and increasing our presence in Poland – said Rafał Stepnowski, director of government relations at the company.

A key Boeing company

“The name change also simplifies the internal processes that used to operate under the Jeppesen umbrella. This does not cause any changes in the terms and conditions of employment of employees at the Gdańsk facility. Customer relationships as well as the address and contacts of the company also remain unchanged. Boeing will continue to support Jeppesen’s product offering and all of the company’s stakeholders, ”the company’s announcement reads.

A key company for the world tycoon

Jeppesen deals with creating navigation charts and products for flight and cruise planning, and software for pilots. It is in Gdańsk that the entire portfolio of Boeing’s digital analytical and geospatial services is being developed. The Polish branch is therefore a key company for the world tycoon of the aviation market. Its integration was a strategic decision.

Source: Wprost


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