Who offers the fastest mobile and home internet in Poland? Comparison of Orange, T-Mobile, Play, Plus

Another month and further changes in the mobile internet ranking offered by the four largest operators. Although the Play network became the leader in terms of services, as in May, there has been a reshuffle behind its back – according to the speedtest.pl website report. Who offered the fastest mobile and home internet in June?

LTE mobile internet ranking

In June 2022, customers of the Play network (44.7 Mb/s on average) could count on the highest average data download speed, as in May. To maintain the leadership position, it was enough to increase the average speed by 0.4 Mb/s compared to May.

Average LTE internet speed in June 2022 – operator ranking
Network Downloading data

[in Mb/s]

Data transfer

[in Mb/s]

Ping [in ms]
Play 44.7 10.8 34
T-Mobile 43.0 10.1 33
Orange 41.3 9.9 28
Plus 39.6 9.7 38
Source: Speedtest.pl report

Much stronger – by 1.6 Mb/s and 2/2 Mb/s, respectively, on a monthly basis – the quality of the services provided was raised by the next ones in the ranking: T-Mobile (43.0 Mb/s on average) and Orange (41.3 Mb/s on average) ). The May runner-up, Plus, fell below the 40 Mb / s level.

Play customers could also count on the highest average data transfer speed in June (10.8 Mb / s on average). Other leading operators operating in Poland offered approx. 10 Mb/s. The most stable connection (average ping 28 ms) was offered by Orange.

Taking into account the largest Polish cities, the users of mobile internet in Katowice could count on the highest average download speed in June (49.3 Mb/s on average). In the case of individual operators and cities, Plus offered the highest average speed of mobile internet. Subscribers of this network in Bydgoszcz could count on downloading files with an average speed of 69.2 Mb/s.

Home internet ranking

T-Mobile (fixed-line internet), which offered an average speed of 206.5 Mb/s, also maintained its leadership position in May. The threshold of 200 Mb / s, as in May, was also surpassed by UPC. INEA did not reach it (on average 191.9 Mb/s), which slightly lowered the average data download speed. Vectra was off the podium (on average 175.6 Mb/s), whose customers could count on the strongest increase in transfer.

Average home internet speed  in June 2022 – operator ranking
Network Downloading data

[in Mb / s]

Data transfer

[in Mb / s]

Ping [in ms]
T-Mobile 206.5 92.7 15
UPC 201.4 40.2 18
INEA 191.9 178.3 11
Vectra 175.6 39.4 21
Source: Speedtest.pl report

In June, customers of the following networks: Toyta, Orange, Multimedia and Netia could also count on an average home internet speed above 100 Mb/s.

If we consider the average data transfer rate, INEA traditionally came first. Its subscribers could also count on the most stable connection (average ping 11 ms).

In the comparison of cities with the fastest home Internet, Poznań in June show, where you could count on an average data transfer speed of 144 Mb/s.

Source: Bankier

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