Business news from Poland

I am happy to welcome you to Business news from Poland. It is a part of Biz in Poland and the url is so bookmark it now.

Not the “only” news from Biz in Poland

But it is not the “only” news but maybe it is not new to you but I have recently expanded my services to also cover Denmark! You can read more about that via the link.

What will news site cover?

The news website will cover business in Poland in general and also economy, Real estate, finance and techonology as well. Plus I now and then give you my opinion.

So there are in other words many areas of the business life in Poland that I will cover.

I will try to have a new articel ready everyday but sometimes it will be more rarely due to my other services such as consulting etc. But I will of course do my best to publish a new business news articel very often.

Is it possible to advertise ?

Yes, it is possible to advertise on Business news in Poland. You can order and pay here or just contact me regarding it and remember you can also have an ad in the Biz in Poland podcast.

You can of course also contact me regarding that but the must easy way is just to sign up as a patroen and when you do 10% of the income will go to dog shelters in Poland.

That part is from only 1 Euro per month and upwards depending what you can spare and which benefits you would like to have.

Moreover you of course also are more than welcome to contact regarding any of my services regarding the Polish and Danish market.


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