For over a dozen years, the Department for the Implementation of International Agreements in the Opole branch of ZUS has been dealing with the examination, awarding and payment of benefits for the combined Polish-German periods. 

Thanks to international agreements on social security and EU regulations, everyone who can prove periods of legal work and insurance in Poland and Germany can take advantage of the benefits of the insurance systems offered by these countries.

“Every year, the Opole branch of ZUS receives more and more applications for pensions and other benefits from people who have shown that they have worked legally and paid contributions to ZUS and a German insurance institution. 

59000 PLN paid abroad

In 2021, we registered 6165 applications, mainly for retirement or disability pensions . A year earlier, there were 5,244 such reports. At the end of 2021, the ZUS branch in Opole paid almost 59000 PLN abroad. 

Most, because about 70 percent of them are pensions, moreover, disability pensions and survivors’ pensions” said Sebastian Szczurek, the regional spokesman for the Social Insurance Institution in Opole.

From the group of benefits provided by ZUS in Opole, 20700 PLN were transferred to recipients living outside Poland, mainly in Germany. For comparison, in 2020, the Opole ZUS paid less than 56.900 PLN. the so-called long-term benefits, of which 20600 PLN the transfers concerned customers from outside Poland

More and more Poles works outside Poland

A spokesman for ZUS in Opole points out that an increasing number of Poles have jobs abroad in their professional CVs. With time, many of them will get pension rights, so they wonder how to handle the payments in the future.

Source: Businessinsider and other media in Poland.


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