Great business events in Poland – workshops, webinars and networking

Great business events in Poland - workshops, webinars and networking

If you are looking for great business events in Poland then you don’t have to look any further. Biz in Poland Events offers on a regular basis workshops, webinars and business networking meetings.

Business events regarding what?

98 percent will all revolve around subjects regarding how to do business in the Polish market or with Polish companies. The rest are regarding the Danish market. They are all arranged by Biz in Poland and sometimes with other companies as well.

Webinars will be regarding how to register a company in Poland or how to find Polish suppliers and how to cooperate with them because there can be some issues you need to have in mind.

One of the workshops will be about the start up of a company in Poland regarding what you should have in mind so you will avoid some problems in your start up. The workshop can also be one of the online business events that Biz in Poland Events are offering.

Another part of the business events are business networking meetings that for a start will take only place in Warsaw. It will both be with speakers related to business and with music performances and of course there will also be time to mingle with other attendees.

There will most likely also be business network meetings where it only will be the mingle part that will be on the agenda.

How to get information about the events?

As you can see there are many different offers regarding these business events from Biz in Poland Events (part of Biz in Poland) and both online and in real life. But how can you get information about them?

First of all you should sign up for free to become a member of the international business community in Poland. You do that on Facebook just search for Business in Poland Mastermind group og follow the link.

Not only will you get information there about the events but you will also get a huge discount when/if there will be business events that will cost some money. But don’t worry there will also be free ones.

Besides this you will get free information and for free you can also expand your business network not “just” with people from Poland but from all over the world!

Another way is to follow Biz in Poland on the social media fx. On Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook fx.because there I will also share it when there is a new business event.

Need consulting regarding the Danish or Polish market?

But maybe you are more interested in getting some professional business consulting regarding the Polish or Danish market? If so then write me an email on info@bizinpoland. com and you can also read more about Biz in Poland and Biz i Polen if you speak Danish.

If you need help regarding selling your products or/and services on those markets then I can also help you with that fx. As a sales agent. You will also find information regarding that on both my websites also regarding lectures that I am offering and regarding the business events you can check the Biz in Poland Events website as well.



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