Surprising decision on the Polish travel vouchers. MEPs will deal with it today

Surprising decision on the Polish travel vouchers. MEPs will deal with it today

Today, MPs will decide to extend the validity of the Polish travel vouchers for another 6 months, until the end of March 2023. This was announced by Deputy Minister Andrzej Gut-Mostowy, who is responsible for tourism.

The travel voucher was intended as a one-time support after the first wave of coronavirus. It was supposed to facilitate the planning of rest for parents, and for entrepreneurs from the tourism industry (hotels, guesthouses, tour operators, summer camps, museums, amusement parks and others) to “drive” new customers. From the beginning it was clear that the voucher can only be used in Poland.

Surprising decision regarding Polish travel vouchers

The validity of the tourist voucher was extended several times, because the successive waves of the coronavirus made travelling impossible for many weeks. The voucher was supposed to expire at the end of September this year, but will probably be extended until the end of March 2023.

In an interview with RMF FM reporter, Deputy Minister of Sport Andrzej Gut-Mostowy said that the government’s proposal to extend the validity of vouchers in the amount of PLN 500 per child will be attached to one of the acts that will be processed at this session of the Sejm.

– Today there will be a commission at 14:00. It seems that the matter is not controversial, because everyone expects that the voucher will continue to function. It seems that there will be no problems here – said Gut-Mostowy.

US data shows that so far parents and guardians have activated nearly 3.8 million of the 4.3 million travel vouchers granted. Still, there are around 500,000 jobs left. inactive vouchers The unused funds amount to approximately PLN 800 million.

Tourist voucher – how to use it

Let us remind you that in order to use the travel voucher, it must be activated on the Electronic Services Platform (PUE) of ZUS. After logging in to the account, the parent should complete their contact details and indicate the desire to activate the voucher. 

The system then generates a unique code. In order to be able to pay with a voucher, e.g. for accommodation, the code must be provided to the person accepting the payment. 

Moments later, the parent receives an SMS with information about the start of payment with the voucher and another code that must be given to the person accepting the payment. Finally, the recipient receives an SMS confirming the approval of the payment and informing him how much money is left to be used.

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