Biedronka raised the prices just before the weekend. We will pay more for these products

Just before the weekend, the Biedronka chain raised the prices of some products – economist Rafał Mundry informed on his Twitter. The list includes, among others cheese, rice or toilet paper, and the increases reach up to two zlotys per product.

Raised the prices just before the weekend

According to the analysis of Rafał Mundry, an economist who collects, among others, data on prices in Biedronka using the Glovo application, the supermarket chain made increases on several products just before the weekend. In some cases, the price is two zlotys higher.

This was the case with Regina toilet paper – before Wednesday it cost PLN 22.99, and after the update – PLN 24.99. The increases also included other basic products, which often end up in our baskets. We are talking about rice or cheese.

For example, the price of rice after the update is above PLN 0.50 to PLN 1.00. Whole grain white rice went up by PLN 0.70 (was: PLN 3.80; it is: PLN 4.47). In the case of cheeses, the increases start from a dozen or so groszy, but they covered over a dozen products from this category. For example, sliced ​​Podlaski cheese went up by PLN 0.70 (was: PLN 7.99; it is: PLN 8.56), while cheddar cheese went up by PLN 1.36 (was: PLN 8.63; it is: PLN 9.99).

Other products also affected

The increases also affected, inter alia, lard, vinegar or yeast, but also less popular products, such as frozen pizzas and ketchups. In the case of ready-made food, the most expensive Donatello pizzas (was: PLN 12.94; it is: PLN 14.28), and among Pudliszki ketchups – a package of 500 g increased by PLN 0.90 (was: PLN 4.79; it is: 5, PLN 69) and a pack of 990 PLN 2 PLN (was: PLN 7.99; is PLN 9.99).

Source: Bankier



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