Subsidies in Poland for heating are not only for coal. The minister gave details

Minister Moscow announced the new subsidies for heating today. Users of pellets will receive 3000 zloty; heating oil – 2000 zloty; piece wood – 1000 zloty; LPG – PLN 500. For many that might help a bit, especially for those who has to pay a way higher rent as well.

Money to cover some of the heating bills

Money in the pocket is to be left not only to coal users, who can count on 3,000 PLN extra. The government will present a bill by Thursday at the latest, which will cover “various heat sources with various mechanisms,” announced Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the press conference. However, we had to wait until Friday for the first details.

During Friday’s speech in the Sejm, the head of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage said that customers who are not covered by the tariff, ie those who are heated by small heating plants or who buy the raw material themselves, will be able to receive support at the commune level “adequate to the price increase”.

Subsidies in Poland up to 3900 PLN

According to the minister’s statement, non- tariff system heat consumers will receive up to 3.900 PLN of support. Users of pellets will receive – 3 thousand. PLN, wood in pieces – 1000 PLN, heating oil – 2000. PLN, and LPG – PLN 500.

The minister emphasised that “heating is a very complex system” and it is difficult to introduce uniform rules of support. According to the head of the climate ministry, the increases are to be blocked at the level of tariffs approved by the Energy Regulatory Office in the case of system consumers.

Source: BusinessInsider


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