ZUS: 300 plus first payout in Poland in just a few days

From July 1, applications could be submitted for the “Dobry Start” program, also known as 300 plus. ZUS has announced the date of the first payments of funds for the school year.

Who can appy for the money?

Let me remind you that the “Dobry start” program, also known as 300 plus, was launched in the summer of 2018. As part of the program, the parents or guardians of the student may apply for funds in the amount of PLN 300 for a school starter kit:

              • up to 20 years old,
              • up to 24 years of age – in the case of a student with a disability.

The money goes to the account indicated in the application. In the case of the “Dobry Start” program, there is no income criterion. The benefit is exempt from taxation, and is also not subject to enforcement, which means that the bailiff cannot seize the funds granted under the program.

When are the first 300 plus payouts?

Applications for the 300 plus case may be submitted from July 1 to November 30 this year. This can only be done electronically via:

              • ZUS Electronic Services Platform (PUE) portal,
              • Emp @ tia portal,
              • electronic banking.

– After November 30, you will be able to apply for a benefit from the Dobry Start program – via the PUE ZUS website – only if a child over 20 obtains a disability certificate after November 30 – reminds ZUS.

ZUS informed today on Twitter that the first payments under the “Dobry Start” program will start on July 18, i.e. at the beginning of next week. – On July 18, the first payments of the “Dobry Start” benefit for school kits for students will start. Information about the award of 300 plus is placed on the parent’s PUE ZUS profile – it says in the announcement of the state insurer.

ZUS also reminds that funds under the “Dobry Start” program are paid within five working days from the date of granting the benefit. According to the estimates of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, nearly 4.5 million children benefit from the “Dobry Start” program.

Source: Wprost


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