The Polish minimum wage in 2023? Here is the government's proposal

Government spokesman Piotr Mueller informed that, in line with the government’s proposal, for the minimum wage in 2023 would double next year – in January to PLN 3,383, and in July to PLN 3,450 gross.

The current amount is PLN 3010 gross

The current amount of the minimum wage is PLN 3010 gross. The minimum wage increased by PLN 210 at the beginning of this year, compared to the lowest national wage in 2021. Next year – due to high inflation – the minimum wage must be raised twice (this happens when the inflation rate exceeds 5%).

What increase in the minimum wage can we expect in 2023? The government presented a proposal on this matter today. As the government spokesman Piotr Mueller informed, in January next year the minimum wage would increase to PLN 3,383 gross, and in July to PLN 3,450 gross.

Minimum wage in 2023 will increase by over PLN 400

“From January 1, 2023, the minimum wage will be PLN 3,383 gross, and from July 1, 2023, PLN 3,450 gross. So these wage movements will take place in two rounds, it results from the current inflation problems. We want the minimum wage to match these movements” , Mueller said during a meeting with journalists.

The earlier leaks (mentioned by Łukasz Kozłowski, chief economist of the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs) showed that the government may propose to raise the minimum wage to PLN 3,350 gross from January next year and PLN 3,500 gross from July 2023.

Let us remind you that the government has to submit a proposal for the amount of the minimum wage for next year to the Social Dialogue Council by June 15th. However, the opinion of social partners on this matter is only consultative and the final decision is made by the government.

Source: Wprost


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