Canal+ Polska will after all not make its debut on the stock exchange

Canal+ Polska withdrew the prospectus from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and thus officially resigned from its debut on the stock exchange.

Canal+ Polska planned its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In October 2020, the company issued a communiqué announcing the announcement of a public offering for the company’s shares.

Stock exchange debut announced before the pandemic

“The planned transaction will consist of a public offering addressed to individual and institutional investors in Poland, as well as an offer to Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) in the United States based on the American Rule 144A and an offer addressed to selected institutional investors outside the United States and The Republic of Poland, meeting the requirements of the US Regulation S ” – it was written then in the press release.

The offer was to cover only shares belonging to TVN Media sp. Z oo, the ultimate owner and parent company of which at that time was Discovery, Inc., and Liberty Global Ventures Holding BV, whose ultimate owner and parent company is Liberty Global PLC . The transaction was also approved by the National Broadcasting Council. The issue was to raise PLN 1.3 billion of capital. However, the matter got complicated .

Canal+ Polska will not go public

The issue of shares, however, never took place and, according to the documents of the KNF Office, it may not change. Shareholders lost interest in this type of movement. Rzczespolita tried to obtain a comment on this matter, but neither Canal + Polska nor Grupa Discovery / TVN commented on the matter.

Source: Wprost and photo: Canal+ Polska

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