You often need consulting services when you enter a new market as a business, big or small. That is also the case when it comes to the Polish and Danish market.

Challenges on the Polish market and consulting

It is not “only” the Polish language that often is a challenge when you want to do business in Poland. There are also some minor challenges when it comes to running a company in Poland, but important ones.

So it is important to have the right consulting service, like Biz in Poland by Søren Christensen who has a lot of practical knowledge of doing business in Poland due to his many years of living and doing business in Poland (since 2008). 

Doing business in Denmark

When it comes to doing business in Denmark, it is not the language that is a problem due to the fact that 85-90% of the population speaks English.

But it is very important to have local knowledge, a big network and know culture differences and how to sell on the Danish market

Business advantages and disadvantages

Both the Polish market and the Danish one has its advantages and disadvantages and the advantages of doing business in Poland are of course the big population and the fact that the country and its population are getting more money to spend. 

One of the disadvantages is of course the difficult Polish language but also that can easily be handled if you have the right person to advise you.

When it comes to doing business in Denmark, the advantages among others are that many customers and businesses are well off and that Denmark is one of the most digitised countries in the world!

The high prices and the fact that there is a 25% flat VAT rate on everything in Denmark are some of the disadvantages of doing business on the Danish market.

There are of course other advantages and disadvantages when it comes to doing business in both Poland and in Denmark. 

So if you consider doing business in or with one of those countries it is of the utmost importance to find a consultant that has practical and theoretical experience with both markets.


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