Ukrainian women can find jobs in Poland in these sectors

Ukrainian citizens coming to Poland from the war-torn Ukraine can find employment here according to Krzysztof Inglot, the founder of Personnel Service.

It is after Inglot´s opinion mainly in these sectors in Poland; food industry, logistics or service, says Krzysztof Inglot in an interview with ISBnews. 

He underlines that Polish employers do not make it difficult for men who want to defend their homeland to return to Ukraine. They even pay salaries in advance to those who have decided to return to their homeland, he emphasised.

“We need employees, among others, in the food, logistics and service industries. In all these sectors, the demand for women is high and it is they who can help fill the vacancies, which in the third quarter of 2021 were over 150000.” Inglot told ISBnews.

Inglot pointed out, that the scale of Ukrainian citizens leaving Poland for their homeland in connection with the announced mobilisation, is definitely smaller than at the beginning of the pandemic, when, according to the estimates of the border guard, up to 250000 people left Poland.

About 30000 people have returned to Ukraine

“On the other hand, the data from the last few days show that about 30000 people have returned to Ukraine. These include people working in the construction industry or drivers,” Inglot said.

“People who cross the Polish border in order to shelter from the war, in the first stage need to provide medical, local, material and of course, psychological help. Here the Polish society is doing great” He says.

The next stage is creating conditions for easy entry of these people into the job market. Hence the work on a special act that will allow each citizen of Ukraine to obtain legal employment with a special stamp stamped on the Polish-Ukrainian border, which will certify his arrival in the country.

500 places in nurseries and kindergartens

There will also be preparation of facilities for the education of children, we are already taking such initiatives, together with the City Hall in Wrocław we guarantee 500 places in nurseries and kindergartens for Ukrainian children” says Inglot.

So far, the border with Poland has been crossed by over 350000. Ukrainian citizens, according to estimates, in the coming days the borders are to exceed approx. 100000 people a day.

Personnel Service is a company specialising in the recruitment and employment of employees from Ukraine for the needs of employers in Poland. He cooperates with companies from many sectors, including mainly automotive, electronics/household appliances and heavy industry.

Source: ISBnews


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